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If you are new to the curtain world, you might not know that there are plenty of curtain header tape types that you can use to give specific shapes to your curtain project. Creating a traditional curtain takes a different header tape than creating a contemporary one. Also, the kind of fabric you use will determine what type of tape you will need. As there are so many types and uses to curtain header tapes, we have put together this guide. We hope you find it useful.


Pencil Pleat

Pencil pleat is the most used heading on curtains and there are a lot of tapes available depending on the effect you want to achieve. The standard 3″/76mm depth has three woven pockets for variable hook position. You have to pull the strings at the back to create the gather. Deeper and shorter tapes are also available depending on the length and weight of your curtains.

Pinch Pleat

Pinch pleat heading gives a more classical finish to your curtains. You can use buckrams to hand make this effect, but it is much easier to create this look is by using a heading tape. When gathered, the tape forms perfect pleats, the separation between them will be even.

This kind of curtain header tape is recommended for light to medium weight curtains. While eyelet tapes are evenly sewed along the fabric, pinch pleat tapes are not. Therefore, the weight of the fabric hangs from specific points where the fabric suffers. Heavy fabrics such as velvet may tear off apart with time.

Eyelet curtain headed tape

Eyelet tape and rings will give you a much modern finish. This tape is very easy to sew on and can be used with curtain poles up to 28mm diameter. The eyelet rings come in a range of finishes depending on the final look you are looking for. They provide a clean, crisp look to your drapes. Eyelet curtain header tape is mostly used with bar curtains. It is highly recommended for very thick and heavy fabrics. The tape is sewed along the whole curtain and does not put more strain in any part of it, so the fabric will not suffer. meaning it will not split apart as a consequence of the weight.

This kind of tapes is also very recommended for curtains to be used in rooms where they need to be washed often. They are very easy to put up and down. Eyelets, also, are washable. This is why most of the premade curtains you will find in the market have eyelet tape.

But if you are a curtain professional you might want to have a look at our curtain headed tape selection. As well as the above mentioned, we provide velcro tapes. Very useful for small projects. Reinforcing curtain tapes for very thin fabrics are also one of our best sellers. And tapes for blinds are no stranger to us.

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