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Curtains are one of the most wanted products for home decoration. People have learnt that this pieces of fabric, if well designed and chosen, can absolutely change the atmosphere of any room. Every year trends change and benefit some types of curtains whilst others disappear. In a market such as this, being able to re-invent the use of elements as curtain tape is key.

Curtain tape has always been essential for curtain professionals

Curtain tapes come in as many types as curtains themselves. It doesn´t matter what path fashion takes. The final effect you would like a curtain to have depends mainly on the curtain tape it relies on.

For example, waves depend on how the curtain tape gathers the fabric. Velcro tape allows straight curtains, and so on. Meaning the design is not only determined by patterns, colours and length, but also by the curtain tape and how the professional uses it.

All types of curtains improve with a shirring on top. Thus, they can be hung from rings and they are not smooth, straight and boring any more. The rings, together with the bar, make it easier both to install and to use them by running them to the side. If the fabric is very light and there is a lot of wind in the area, you can also create a puckering at the bottom so that there is more weight. 

Curtain tape types

  • Automatic gathering tape:  the pucker is created with no other aid but pulling laces.
  • Free gathers: You can control both the number of folds and their distance as you pull the cord.
  • Fancy ribbons. They are the most creative of all and the resultant puckers are hourglass shaped.
  • Automatic crimpers:  create small groups of three or four folds at the same distance from each other.
  • Puckers on board: the created folds have a rectangular shape 
  • Automatic double shirring tape. They offer have two options. One rope makes an automatic pucker and the other one makes pukers on boards.

Other uses of gathering curtain tape for professionals

Closing bags

A pucker is a nice way to close a bag. You can do it in two ways. Allowing part of the tape to be seen and adding a cord at the end ending so you get a more secure closure. Or close the bag with just the tape to open it easily when stretching the bag. This kind of bags have multiple applications and are very demanded.

It doesn´t matter what your project is. As a professional, you need to consider curtain tapes as part of your trade. They will allow you to be more flexible when designing and therefore you will meet the requirements and expectations of a wider range of clients. Whether you are in the curtain business or in the DIY world, curtain tape will reveal itself as a versatile material.

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