Ideal for
homemade curtains
To be found in
any haberdashery store
Manually adjustable

Pull the cords more or less depending the space to be covered.

If you pull the cords more, the pleats will be closer to each other resulting in a more dense curtain.

It doesnt have a prefixed rapport.


Possible ranges:

  • Luxe – Polyester 100%
  • Plus  – Pollyester 80% y Polypropilene 20%
  • Transparent  – Pollyester 100%

Colors: White beige, invisible and transparent.

Possible widths: 25 mm to 90 mm

Gathering: free

Packaging: 100 and150 meters standard. Possibiliy of other lenghts.


Hospital and bathroms curtains.
Homemade curtains.
beginners curtains.
Free gathering tape