Ideal curtain
for the beach house
Decorative blockage
of insects
Easy to hang
adaptable in width

MALLACORTIN is a mesh curtain for doorways, balconies, and windows, especially designed for use in holiday houses and apartments.

Decorative: sheer voile-like appearance.
Cool: open mesh allows cool air circulation.
Functional: mesh acts as a barrier for flying insects


Styles and sizes.

  • Free-pleating Mallacortin
    Curtain designed to hang from pole or track. It comes with sawn-in free-pleating curtain tape that allows for adjustable width. Bag of hooks also provided. Size: height: 230 cms; width: 200 cms unpleated, 80-120 cms pleated.
  • Pre-cut Mallacortin
    Curtain designed to hang from a pole that slides through the loops of top mesh row. Size: width: 400 mesh units (approx. 200 cms.); full height: 280 cms. (adjustable down to lesser heights by sliding curtain pole through lower mesh rows (mesh above pole can be safely cut off).
  • Lace-top Mallacortin
    Curtain with decorative lace fabric at top end. Suspended from curtain pole with decorative pins. Size: width: 105 cms; height: 215 cms

Fabric and colours.

  • Nylon. Highly resistant; specifically pre-treated for outdoor use. White.
  • Cotton. 100% cotton product for those who prefer natural fabrics. Ecru (undyed cotton).
  • MALLACORTIN is patented by Cintas y Pasamanería S.A.

Note: Height in all styles may be adjusted a few centimetres by trimming mesh rows at lower end of bottom frill.

Custom-made sizes available. Check with us.



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