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There are many reasons to work with a professional tape manufacturer. Most of them are associated with the quality of the product and its price. Tape retailers behave, in relation to the market, like any other small-scale seller. They look for the cheapest products and sell them by adding a percentage to their price. That percentage is the benefit of the seller. The buyer does not obtain any extra benefit from buying from a retailer, but the price he pays is higher.

Lower prices if you buy directly from the tape manufacturer

A professional tape manufacturer does not need to artificially raise the price of his products. The manufacturer knows the exact cost of production of each of their tapes. And the final price to which it offers them is usually the most adjusted in the market.

Of course, they can offer discounts on purchase volume. And they do so. But there are also tape manufacturers that sell to the public. Even in these cases, the price is more competitive than that of retailers.

In addition, a tape manufacturer knows his product by heart. He knows its strengths and its weaknesses and can advise you on how to use it. His level of specialization and his experience in this field have made him an expert in everything that concerns the tapes and their different uses. And that is something the buyer can benefit from.

CINPASA, for example, as a professional tape manufacturer, began its business journey by manufacturing shirring belts. But nowadays it manufactures all kinds of tapes for textile and other uses. To develop its new products, the company has studied the industry in order to produce the best tapes. And that allows us to offer you good advice.

Quality guarantee and better result in your personal projects

It is difficult for a seller to outperform a manufacturer that works with its own product. After all, the manufacturer compromises his image with each sale he makes. On the other hand, the seller can attribute the poor quality of the products to the manufacturer and simply change the supplier.

That’s why companies looking for high-quality textile tapes trust manufacturers. The result when making curtains or any other object is much better if materials of first quality are used.

Of course, the same thing happens with craft products. The textile ribbons can be used as an ornament in baby garments, for example. Preprinted tapes are also sold as a professional gift. The number of uses of the tapes nowadays is immeasurable. And each of them requires quality. That’s why professionals turn to professionals. That is, manufacturers of complex products turn to simple element manufacturers. For example, curtain manufacturers turn to tape manufacturers. A custom that, more and more, individuals also adopt.

And it is that, if you combine the advantages with respect to the price and the relative ones to the quality, the manufacturers of professional tapes will always be in front of the simple sellers.

Check here the different types of ribbons and cords that we make. There is one for every need. All of them with the guarantee of CINPASA.