Why Cinpasa?
  • Why over 90 % of our customers repeat .
  • CINPASA has a high production capacity that allows to manufacture large volumes with low prices.
  • We have machinery for multiple finishings for tapes and cords.
  • CINPASA designs and manufactures tapes and cords according to the needs of each application.
  • The holding La Industrial Algodonera has more than a century of know-how in textile manufacturing .
  • We have more than 200 references in stock  in curtain tapes, to  be deliver in record time .
  • In the holding’s facilities we manufacture polypropylene yarn in 120 colors, allowing us to manufacture tapes with multiple colors even for small quantities .
  • The sales team is highly focused on customer satisfaction .
  • Those components that we do not manufacture, we search for them in order to offer a complete solution to our customers.
  • Because we are a serious, reliable and trustworthy company.
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